Sulfites in Organic wine

Sulfites in Organic wine
Another common misconception we hear all the time is that organic wines don't contain sulfites… which is nearly impossible to be true. While we love organic wines and think they can stand up to any wine that isn't made organic, they will still have sulfites in them to some degree.

Why is that? It is because yeast, which is used to ferment grape juice, naturally creates a low level of sulfites. This means that organic wine, which still must use yeast, will have a low level of sulfites in the finished product.

Some people who cling to this idea will invariably remind us that organic wines have no added sulfites or no sulfite preservative added. While true, this doesn't consider that our bodies can't detect whether a sulfite molecule came from the winemaker or the yeast. This is to say that if you are sensitive to sulfites, you will still have issues enjoying organic wine.

So if you are looking for a wine that won’t give you a headache from sulfites, feel free to skip the organic aisle and just choose your favorite bottle… so long as you use your Ullo Purifier to remove any free sulfites!