Ullo Wine Purifier Reviews

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“…no headaches or other unpleasant side effects of sulphites for the very first time!!”

– Melanie D.

“Have just given it a go on an average bottle of Pinot noir. Compared one sample of non ullo'd wine against ullo. Definitely a better taste to the ullo wine.”

– Robert P.

“This is amazing! I will be using it with all of my wine bottles going forward! Great job!”

– Emily G.

“We love it! No more stuffy nose in the morning and love the flavor of the wine! It also was very impressively packaged! Great job!

– Virginia V.

“I tried it with a bottle of Chardonnay. In the name of science I drank the whole bottle! The wine tasted great, better clarity. No headache or other side effects the next day!”

– Constance M.

“@ullowine it worked! No itchy feet!”

– Cathie K.

“I dedicate this evening to @ullowine for the first drink of wine ever without crushing sinus pain. Everyone wants my wine now.”

– Nicola R.

“3 years I did not drink wine due to sulfite allergy. Thanks to @ullowine this has ended today!! Thank you”

- @disk_91

“Got my wine purifier and was finally able to enjoy a glass of wine congestion free. Thank you!”

- Traci

“Got the #wine decanter and purifier set for my birthday. Perfect #gift! No headache after a great bottle of @SilverOak J”

– Zach G.

“Got my Üllo wine filter in and I have been testing it… it removes the sulfites from the wine but doesn’t remove any of the good stuff. Say hello to no wine hangover.”

– Matthew W.

“Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

– Natalie D.

“Thank you SOOOO much for allowing me to enjoy some special red wine with my hubs last night! No #sulphite reaction noted.”

– Andrea H.

“This is the first glass of red wine I’ve been able to drink… I love the folks @ullowine to the moon and back for making this magical thingy.”

– @taraindetroit

“Worked for my wife who usually gets itchy, short of breath, and headaches.”

– Sean F.


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