Ullo Wine Purifier Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying

“Have just given it a go on an average bottle of Pinot noir. Compared one sample of non ullo'd wine against ullo. Definitely a better taste to the ullo wine.”

– Robert P.

"Ullo you have spoiled me! I was perfectly fine drinking wine with sulfites added and not knowing that the wine could taste even better. I didn't think I would be able to tell the difference but bought the purifier because I like wine and I like gadgets. Amazing! What a difference the purifier makes! First, I didn't realize that sulfites were added and I never knew that it changed the flavor. I am hooked! Thanks for a wonderful purifier."

– Sue

“This is amazing! I will be using it with all of my wine bottles going forward! Great job!”

– Emily G.

“I tried it with a bottle of Chardonnay. In the name of science I drank the whole bottle! The wine tasted great, better clarity.”

– Constance M.

“Got my Üllo wine filter in and I have been testing it… it removes the sulfites from the wine but doesn’t remove any of the good stuff.”

– Matthew W.

“Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

– Natalie D.

“Thank you SOOOO much for allowing me to enjoy some special red wine with my hubs last night!”

– Andrea H.

"Love this!!! Works Amazing!!!"

– Rachelle M.

"Tried it and was genuinely surprised how much better the wine tasted. Takes a small eternity to filter though, but it's worth the wait."

– McKenzie A.

"Recently purchased... It is Amazing!!!"

– Jessica P.

"Just recently got Ullo. Have to admit I really like it so far. My wine tastes smoother and fresher. Easy to set up and use. Happy to remove those sulfites too."

– Michael

"My birthday gift from my son. I never know about it. It is Amazing."

– Barb T.

"Five Stars - Makes a medium priced bottle of wine taste like my expensive bottles."

– Keith E.

"This product is a game changer; I'm beyond impressed!"


"I really enjoy reds, in particular Malbec, but I don't have the funds to match my pallet. To experiment, I aerated a full bottle of $6 Malbec from a low cost German grocer. I had tried it before and wasn't impressed. After running it through üllo, it tastes fantastic!"

– R. Appleby

“Thank you for creating this wonder product so that I can continue ‘momming’ and drinking my necessary wine!”

– Kristina While

“Bought It – LOVE it!!!!”

–Terri G.

“Thank you for caring so much for your aunt, doing so has allowed other to enjoy wine…”

–Debbie K.

“…with this filter, he can drink any wine with no problems. Great product!!!!”

–Nicole B.

“This is the best wine product out there! It’s amazing how it made my favorite wine into amy dream come true wine!”

–Jennifer J.

“Absolutely love mine!”

–Rich G.

“We bought one and we love it! Definitely makes a big difference.”

–Mary M.

“It does make a huge difference and I’m very happy”

–Joe K.

“Great job on dev eloping this product, I only wish it was available 30 years ago.”

–Randy P.

”Best gift ever. Works like a charm for me!”

–Linda P.

“I have used this multiple time and have had wine without being filtered. I notice a major difference.”

–Chris L.

“We purchased our Ullo and the taste difference is remarkable.”

–Robin P.

“Love my Ullo”

–Ashley M.