Ullo Wine Purifier Reviews

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“Have just given it a go on an average bottle of Pinot noir. Compared one sample of non ullo'd wine against ullo. Definitely a better taste to the ullo wine.”

– Robert P.

"Ullo you have spoiled me! I was perfectly fine drinking wine with sulfites added and not knowing that the wine could taste even better. I didn't think I would be able to tell the difference but bought the purifier because I like wine and I like gadgets. Amazing! What a difference the purifier makes! First, I didn't realize that sulfites were added and I never knew that it changed the flavor. I am hooked! Thanks for a wonderful purifier."

– Sue

“This is amazing! I will be using it with all of my wine bottles going forward! Great job!”

– Emily G.

“I tried it with a bottle of Chardonnay. In the name of science I drank the whole bottle! The wine tasted great, better clarity.”

– Constance M.

“Got my Üllo wine filter in and I have been testing it… it removes the sulfites from the wine but doesn’t remove any of the good stuff.”

– Matthew W.

“Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

– Natalie D.

“Thank you SOOOO much for allowing me to enjoy some special red wine with my hubs last night!”

– Andrea H.

"Love this!!! Works Amazing!!!"

– Rachelle M.

"Tried it and was genuinely surprised how much better the wine tasted. Takes a small eternity to filter though, but it's worth the wait."

– McKenzie A.

"Recently purchased... It is Amazing!!!"

– Jessica P.

"Just recently got Ullo. Have to admit I really like it so far. My wine tastes smoother and fresher. Easy to set up and use. Happy to remove those sulfites too."

– Michael

"My birthday gift from my son. I never know about it. It is Amazing."

– Barb T.

"Five Stars - Makes a medium priced bottle of wine taste like my expensive bottles."

– Keith E.

"This product is a game changer; I'm beyond impressed!"


"I really enjoy reds, in particular Malbec, but I don't have the funds to match my pallet. To experiment, I aerated a full bottle of $6 Malbec from a low cost German grocer. I had tried it before and wasn't impressed. After running it through üllo, it tastes fantastic!"

– R. Appleby


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