Üllo is a revolutionary wine purifier that uses Selective Sulfite™ technology to remove sulfites and reduce histamines, bringing wine back to its natural state.

“Thank you for creating this wonder product so that I can continue ‘momming’ and drinking my necessary wine!”

Kristina W.

“…with this filter, he can drink any wine with no problems. Great product!!!!”

Nicole B.

“We bought one and we love it! Definitely makes a big difference.”

Mary M.

“Great job on dev eloping this product, I only wish it was available 30 years ago.”

Randy P.

“I have used this multiple time and have had wine without being filtered. I notice a major difference.”

Chris L.

"Awesome product. Very useful and something that actually works. Love it."


What Üllo is right for me?

The following chart will help you choose between the Original Wine Purifier, Chill™ or Open™.


Love to sip wine, but the sulfite preservatives not so much? The Ullo Open wine purifier helps to reduce the amount of sulfites in wine -- after all, their job is done once the bottle is open -- allowing the unique vineyard flavor profiles and aromas to shine through. 
The Üllo Original Wine Purifier helps to purify rose, white and red wines by sifting out, solely, the artificial sulfite preservatives while maintaining the flavors of your favorite vinos.
“Elegant, modern, and effective, this three-piece set is perfect for the self-proclaimed wine snob in your life!"
Wine aficionados will appreciate this wine purifier that filters sulfites and sediments. Plus, it looks sleek, to boot.
What dad would pass up on the opportunity to make their wine taste better? I know mine wouldn't! Check out the Üllo Wine Purifier for wine-loving dads.