Open Wine Purifier

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For a healthier way to enjoy wine, Üllo® Open™ Wine Purifier reduces histamines and removes sulfites to take your favorite bottle to new heights with fully adjustable aeration. Set the aeration level to what pleases your palette, from subtle to spectacular, and experience a smoother finish in all varietals including reds, whites, and rosés. Then simply place Open™ on your glass and pour! Patented Selective Sulfite™ filtration reveals fresh from the vineyard taste, freeing your wine from artificial chemicals and from unnecessary complication with an easy and intuitive design. Experience wine, Open™ and free.

  • Aeration - All new, fully adjustable aeration dials in the amount of air to your liking. Set the aeration slider according to your preference and the characteristics of your wine – off for delicate whites, medium for light reds like pinot noir, and full air for the richest reds, like Napa cabernets.
  • Purification - Patented Selective Sulfite™ filtration technology removes harmful sulfites the moment their job as a preservative is over, right when you open the bottle. This remarkable polymer removes sulfites and reduces histamines associated with headaches and hangovers without disrupting your wine’s chemistry. Experience improved taste and a smoother finish as natural flavors and aromas shine the way nature intended.
  • Convenience - Purify, aerate, and enjoy Pure Wine in one simple step - just pour! Open™ rests gently on any wine glass, and its lid doubles as a base to capture any stray drips. An easy and intuitive design makes filter changes and cleanup a breeze.
  • Quality - Open™ is made from the highest grade, BPA-free soft-touch silicone for ease of use and years of durability. Selective Sulfite™ filters are patented exclusively by Üllo and made in the USA from an FDA-approved, food-grade polymer. Product support is available with 1 click to Üllo’s USA-based and 100% human customer support team.
  • Open™ Wine Purifier and Aerator made from BPA-free soft-touch silicone
  • Soft-touch silicone lid/display base for catching stray drips
  • Velour travel bag for organization and transport of your wine purifier and filters
  • 3 Selective Sulfite™ single use filters. Each filter purifies one standard (750 mL) bottle of wine. Made in the USA


Go from bubble-free to bubble-icious! Set the aeration slider
to what pleases your palette and what works best with your wine du jour.

Free your wine from artificial sulfites

For reds, whites, rosés – and everything in between – simply open your favorite wine and pour.

- POUR -

All wine contains sulfites, which are artificial preservatives added during production. They are no longer needed once the bottle is opened.


Proprietary polymer technology filters away free sulfites and reduces histamines, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected.


Fully adjustable aeration adapts to the needs of any wine – from the subtlest pinot gris to the burliest cabernet. Experiment and enjoy!


Our patented Selective Sulfite™ filter technology is the magic behind Ullo purification and the only sulfite filter that will not alter your wine’s natural chemistry.


Enjoy any wine without the stuffy nose, headaches, or other common side effects of histamines and sulfites. Ullo’s sulfite removal for wine also reveals new flavors and aromas that come alive in your glass without the lingering bitterness from sulfites.

Simple and Convenient

The Ullo Open Wine Purifier rests gently on any wine glass for effortless purification, and works with all Ullo Selective Sulfite™ replacement filters for enjoying wine by the bottle or a glass at a time. Ullo Open™ easily disassembles, is dishwasher safe, and makes enjoying purified wine as delightfully simple as possible.  


Open by Ullo works with red, white, and rose wines to remove sulfites, reduce histamines and aerate as you pour.

All new fully adjustable aeration

Silicone base to capture stray drips

Our Selective Sulfite™ filters are made in the USA.


Download the Üllo Open Quick Start Guide