Thank you!

Thank you!

We've received more than a few questions about which wines are best to pair with Thanksgiving meals so we decided to put together a quick advice guide. Generally we aren't a fan of "rules" for drinking wine but we can say... if you follow all of these, you are guaranteed to have a revelatory wine and food paring on the greatest food holiday in America.

1) First and foremost, drink wine that you like (duh) but buy a variety of different bottles and include something you've never heard of in the mix

2) Wine is food too! Look for sustainably-grown certifications like organic and biodynamic and support small wineries

3) Focus on lower alcohol wines under 14.5% but more in the 12.5-13.5% range

4) Best varietals

Red: pinot noir, gamay, cab franc, zinfandel, barbera
White: chardonnay, riesling (dry), pinot blanc, viognier

5) Always start the day/meal with some bubbly or rose or pink bubbly (real Champagne if you can afford it), transition to a white or light red, and then go to the pint noir, zinfandel, or barbera to pair with the main course

6) Don't try to pair one wine with one dish. Let's be real, it's a free-for-all once the meal starts so find wines that are generally food-friendly (lower alcohol and higher in acid) and will pair well with a variety of dishes

7) Screw wine altogether and drink either 1) good whiskey 2) dry cider or 3) belgian red ales

8) Always stock the table with sparkling water

9) Don't forget to keep drinking wine with leftovers the day after - turkey sandwiches with pinot noir is just as good as the fancier stuff you ate the day before

10) Always keep grandma's wine glass full

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!