Üllo Falls into the News

Üllo Falls into the News

“This handy contraption is a must-have for all the wine enthusiasts with dads on your gift list!”

“Get the cleanest, most delicious wine with this unique wine purifier from Amazon. It's also meant to help with hangovers, which they'll definitely appreciate.”

“Wine lovers anticipate the rich, yet dry taste of a musky red hitting their lips after a long day. Gift this person in your life with a tool that will purify and aerate the taste of their chosen vino so they can savor every sip. It removes sulfites (less chance of a hangover, hallelujah) and restores the taste for a better experience.”

“These handy gadgets are said to remove sulfites from wine fermentation and, in the process, eliminate the dreaded hangover headache.”

“For the premier expression of red wine, Üllo + Decanter combines the purification power of Selective Sulfite™ filtration with the time-honored tradition of decanting.”

“For all the wine connoisseurs in your life, this is a great stocking stuffer. Not only does it purify red, rosé, and white wine by catching sulfites and sediment, but it also aerates the wine.”

“Elegant, modern, and effective, this three-piece set is perfect for the self-proclaimed wine snob in your life! The wine purifier restores the natural taste of wine with filter technology and the glasses have an ultra-wide profile designed to fully expose a wine’s aroma.”