Üllo Launches Revolutionary Purifier to Restore Wine to its Natural State

Üllo Launches Revolutionary Purifier to Restore Wine to its Natural State

International brand Üllo is launching the revolutionary Üllo Wine Purifier into the UK (available at Amazon for £69.99). The first of its kind product works to restore wine to its natural state using innovative Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology. 

Üllo is a Chicago-based start-up set up by American entrepreneur James Kornacki, who holds a doctorate in chemistry from Northwestern University. Kornacki was inspired to create the product after he learnt that his aunt was unable to drink wine because of her intolerance to sulphites, a chemical that is added to wine as a preservative. It was then that he made it his mission to use his scientific acumen to create a filter that would allow consumers to enjoy wine as if their bottle was opened right at the vineyard.

Whilst the addition of sulphites to wine as a preservative is useful during the transportation and storage of wine in order to prevent against oxidation and bacterial spoilage, they are no longer needed once the bottle is opened. In fact, some wine lovers (such as Kornacki’s aunt) have found that they are so sensitive to sulphites that they can lead to allergic reactions. The Üllo Wine Purifier offers a solution to this as it uses groundbreaking Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology to remove the added sulphites.   

The innovative Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology  acts as a magnet to pull the sulphites out, whilst retaining all other compounds in the wine. By removing sulphites, Üllo can also remove the distinctly bitter taste found with some wines  - of course because all wines have different levels of sulphites, the change in taste following its removal, varies from wine to wine.  

Founder of the brand, James Kornacki, commented: “Here at Üllo we believe the best things in life are simple and pure, especially when it comes to the things we eat and drink. It is for this reason that we developed Selective Sulphite Capture technology  to purify wine and  ensure that wine lovers can enjoy wine in its natural state. We understand that the UK is a nation of wine lovers so we hope that our product offering will help Brits enjoy wine in its very best form!”

The Üllo Wine Purifier is now available in the UK from Amazon and the Üllo website, with the brand also offering the Selective Sulphite Capture Filters™ and a wider product range including carafes and decanters.

 The Üllo Wine Purifier costs £69.99 and the Üllo Selective Sulphite Capture Filters™ cost £29.99 for a pack of 10. Both products are available from retailers including www.amazon.co.uk and www.ullowine.com. Please see the Üllo website for the wider product range.