Ullo Makes some of the Internet’s Top Gift Guides

Ullo Makes some of the Internet’s Top Gift Guides

"Hosts or hostesses who are wine lovers will appreciate the Üllo Original Wine Purifier and Special Edition Aerating Decanter, which can be used for whites, reds, and rosés.""

"Introduce a touch of sophistication and purity to the wine lover's experience with this Ullo Wine Purifier that is designed to remove sulfites for a purer taste, and its accompanying filters ensure each glass poured is crisp and clean."

Lifestyle expert Jamie O’Donnell spotlights the purifier as the perfect gift for the wine lover or entertainer and a must-have for hosting this holiday season. She highlights a few key features on the OPEN like the fully adjustable aeration and explains how Üllo works to remove sulfites!

"This nifty little contraption sits right on top of a wineglass, sifting out sulfites and aerating your vino while you're at it. Shoppers say it "absolutely works" to prevent hangovers and wine headaches. But the best part might be that it's dishwasher safe."

"The Ullo wine purifier will take her Bachelor viewing parties and wine nights to the next level. This gadget claims to remove artificial sulfite preservatives and histamines (i.e., the things that can cause a hangover) from reds, whites and rosés. She can also use it as an aerator to let the wine breathe and enhance the flavors for the perfect pour. Needless to say, it will definitely make her the hostess with the mostest."

"Üllo is the first and only wine purification company to harness technology that solely target sulfites (preservatives associated with the dreaded morning-after wine headache) during filtration, unlike others on the market that remove essential essences during the process that can mess with the taste."

"A best-selling wine purifier perfect for wine-lovers (especially wine-lovers prone to headaches). This purifier will even get their cheap wine tasting like they paid the big bucks. When attached, it allows the perfect amount of oxygen into your wine, allowing you to taste the nuances, and enhancing the flavor."