Üllo Wants To Purify Your Wine

Üllo Wants To Purify Your Wine

Start-Up Launches Innovative Wine Purification Product That Removes Sulfites

Today, Chicago-based start-up, Üllo, launches a simple and revolutionary product that makes it possible to enjoy your wine the way the winemaker intended, without added chemicals. Üllo believes the wine you drink should be pure, without the sulfites that were added to protect against oxidation and bacterial spoilage. An estimated three million Americans are sensitive to sulfites resulting in allergic reactions, like headaches or respiratory problems, and Üllo offers a solution.

Developed by founder and CEO, James Kornacki, Ph.D., Üllo removes sulfites through a patent-pending process that selectively captures these chemicals in a super-porous polymer filter, while allowing the other compounds in the wine to flow through unaffected. Sulfites are an artificial preservative necessary for wine to be properly bottled and stored, but are no longer needed once you open the bottle. Through selective sulfite capture, Üllo maintains the original flavor and character of the wine while restoring sulfites to a more naturally occurring level of less than 10ppm.

“My aunt is sulfite sensitive and couldn’t enjoy wine at our family gatherings. When I read that others had similar reactions, I felt the need to create a solution. This is a completely new concept for wine. We are making it possible for wine drinkers to enjoy pure wine without the added chemicals,” said Kornacki. “Üllo returns wine to its natural state, as if you opened the bottle right at the vineyard.”

To ensure that his great idea became a reality, Kornacki strategically partnered with Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, an award-winning Chicago design and brand incubation firm, not only to design the product line but to also create and amplify the brand’s market launch. “It's rare for us to have a start-up come to us with such a clearly defined problem in need of an elegant solution—one who also recognizes the value of investing in design out of the gate,” said MINIMAL Founder and Chief Creative Officer Scott Wilson.

Whether by the glass or bottle, the Üllo purifier sits comfortably on top of a variety of wine glasses, as well as the beautifully crafted Üllo carafe and decanter. With a simple twist, users can opt to aerate their wine for improved flavor. The aerated and purified wine flows from the Üllo purifier in a visually dynamic double-helix shape. “Üllo was created to be a simple and delightful experience that celebrates and enhances the ritual of wine drinking,” added MINIMAL Lead Designer, Kyle Buzzard.

Üllo launches today on Kickstarter with a campaign goal of $100,000. By pre-ordering through the campaign, consumers will contribute towards production of the Üllo.