Üllo Wine Purifier Makes Itself at Home in Crate & Barrel

Üllo Wine Purifier Makes Itself at Home in Crate & Barrel

One-of-a-Kind Wine Tool Available in Select Crate & Barrel Stores in Late 2017

Makers of the Ullo Wine Purifier, the first and only multi-purpose wine tool that can selectively filter sulfites from wine, have announced today a partnership with Chicago-based retailer Crate & Barrel to expand its online offering into stores later this year.

Ullo first launched via crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, raising over $300,000 to become the highest earning wine-related project. Ullo witnessed the launch of its products to the consumer market in late 2016 by striking multiple deals with major retailers, adding Crate & Barrel as its latest partner. The brand has since sold more than 50,000 purifiers around the globe. Now, in a significant expansion for 2017, Ullo is announcing its partnership with the housewares, furniture and home accessories giant. It is currently available for purchase on the Crate & Barrel website, and will soon be found in select stores nationwide.

“When considering retail placement for Ullo, we seek partners that have the same eye for aesthetics that we do,” said James Kornacki, PhD, Ullo founder and CEO. “Crate & Barrel offers high-quality, modern home furnishing and houseware products, making it the perfect fit for our brand.

The Ullo Wine Purifier is in high demand largely because of its proprietary Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology, which can filter away free sulfites and their bitter taste, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected. This remarkable polymer is the magic behind Ullo, allowing those with sulfite sensitivities to drink wine more freely, while simultaneously restoring the natural taste of the wine and making any bottle taste as though it was opened right at the vineyard. Designed with simplicity and purpose, Ullo can purify wine by the glass or bottle, with an option to aerate.

Of note, Ullo was developed, in part, with the help of the Segal Design Center at Northwestern University in Evanston, as Kornacki and the Ullo team worked with students from the center to refine the product prior to launch. Crate & Barrel’s founder, Gordon Segal, also happens to be the center’s namesake. 

Ullo also produces luxury carafes and decanters made of hand blown glass, which serve as the ideal gift for wine drinkers. For more information about the revolutionary Ullo Wine Purifier and its companion products, please visit www.ullowine.com.