Ullo’s Boozy Guide to Christmas Day

Ullo’s Boozy Guide to Christmas Day

It would be an insult to our customers and followers to assume that they don’t already have extensive plans for consuming booze on the holiest and most capitalistic holiday in the United States. But just in case you lost your list and plan, we put together a boozy play-by-play guide for Christmas Day. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Unwrapping present after present and gorging on holiday delicacies can be exhausting work so it’s wise to start the day with a heavy dose of caffeine in the form of a good ole’ cup of Joe. If you want to get your holidaze on ASAP after rolling out of bed, throw in a dash of Bailey’s or a delicious coffee liqueur from a small distillery like House Spirits in Oregon or Journeyman Distillery in Michigan.

Shortly after the caffeine is consumed, preparations for Bloody Marys should be in full swing to ensure that all adults are opening presents with a beverage in hand. There is no need to shoot for drunkenness this early in the day so ease up on the vodka contribution by choosing quality over quantity. Yes, you heard me. Local distilleries are popping up everywhere and are producing some top-notch hooch to match with your spicy tomato drink. Check out Woody Creek vodka, made from potatoes in Colorado or Prairie organic cucumber vodka from Minnesota.


After the unmatched high of present unwrapping has subsided, take this time to hydrate with some agua and a bottle of rosé or sparkling rosé. Trust me, rosé is damn delightful at any time of the year, even if you are a mindless brotastic male who shuns all things pink. Our picks: Grenache rosé from Beckmen Vineyards in California or any bottle from Provence in France.  Try to find lower alcohol wines (<12.5%) so you can keep up your stamina throughout the day.


A few bottles of cider will always compliment holiday cooking, but, if you are reading this blog, you know that our most important recommendation is to buy a ****load of wine. All of which, except sparkling wine, will be poured through the Üllo. Start with a bottle of Champagne, ease into Chardonnay for the first courses and pop open some Pinot Noir and red Bordeaux for the entrees.  When searching for wines, feel free to follow our previous blog post’s rules for selecting Thanksgiving wines. Similar food, same rules!

Post Feast Food Coma

If you got that cash money, drop some bills on an expensive, luscious, and incredibly complex bottle of Sauternes dessert wine from France or Beerenauslese dessert wine from Germany. Your sweet tooth will be satiated for days. If money is in less abundance, there is a category of booze called digestifs and it would be wise of you to imprint them into your post-dinner Rolodex. Digestifs do just what they sound like, help you digest. Each is different but most are infused with a variety of herbs and botanicals that aid in the digestion of all types of food. Try Montenegro Amaro or Nonino Amaro for a tasty red wine-like experience.

BONUS PRO TIP: If you were lucky (or stupid?) enough to get a drone for Christmas, spread some holiday cheer and jerry-rig a cookie and booze delivery system so you can deliver some fun to friends in the neighborhood.  You may violate every Federal Aviation Authority law on the books, but assuming you don’t take down a grandma in the process, you’ll have your most accomplished Christmas ever.