Do you suffer with a sulfite sensitivity?
Do you suffer with a sulfite sensitivity? Have you been unable to drink wine because of adverse reactions? Many Üllo customers have reported that the Üllo Wine Purifier has meant that they can now drink wine again, thanks to the innovative Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology, which extracts sulfites from wine like a magnet and brings wine back to its natural...

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Meet James Kornacki, PhD is the founder and CEO of Üllo

James Kornacki, PhD is the founder and CEO of Üllo LLC, a Chicago company that believes that wine is best enjoyed the way the winemaker intended – free from the artificial sulfites added as a preservative. Üllo’s eponymous Wine Purifier is the first and only product that gives consumers the option to remove sulfites from wine through its sophisticated Selective...

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Üllo Launches Revolutionary Purifier to Restore Wine to its Natural State

International brand Üllo is launching the revolutionary Üllo Wine Purifier into the UK (available at Amazon for £69.99). The first of its kind product works to restore wine to its natural state using innovative Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology. 

Üllo is a Chicago-based start-up set up by American entrepreneur James Kornacki, who holds a doctorate in...

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Üllo Wine Purifier Makes Itself at Home in Crate & Barrel

One-of-a-Kind Wine Tool Available in Select Crate & Barrel Stores in Late 2017

Makers of the Ullo Wine Purifier, the first and only multi-purpose wine tool that can selectively filter sulfites from wine, have announced today a partnership with Chicago-based retailer Crate & Barrel to expand its online offering into stores later this year.

Ullo first launched via crowdfunding platforms,...

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5 Celeb Wines You May Need Right Now

Drake’s Love of Moscato

This is the first but it may be the oddest of the bunch. Is Drake really responsible for the ever-growing popularity of Moscato wine in America today? He may have had some help from ‘Lil Kim and others, but Drake deserves credit. Sweet, bubbly, and low alcohol make this the ideal candidate for all night drinking....

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Ullo Wine Purifier Debuts its First Product at International Home + Housewares Show

The Chicago Start-Up Introduces an Innovative Wine Purification Product to the Public

Chicago-based start-up, Üllo, announces the debut of its first product, a purifier which removes sulfites from wine, to be on display at the International Home + Housewares Show. Since Üllo launched, the company has raised over $200,000 through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaigns.  The Housewares Show is the...

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Ullo’s Boozy Guide to Christmas Day

It would be an insult to our customers and followers to assume that they don’t already have extensive plans for consuming booze on the holiest and most capitalistic holiday in the United States. But just in case you lost your list and plan, we put together a boozy play-by-play guide for Christmas Day. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Unwrapping present...

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"It takes the sulfites right out of the wine and it's the first product to do that," Kornacki said. "What enables this product is the select sulfite-capture technology that I developed which treats sulfites more as like something that can be pulled out with a magnet. "We don't screw up the wine chemistry,"...

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Thank you!

By James Kornacki

Thank you!

We've received more than a few questions about which wines are best to pair with Thanksgiving meals so we decided to put together a quick advice guide. Generally we aren't a fan of "rules" for drinking wine but we can say... if you follow all of these, you are guaranteed to have a revelatory wine and food paring on the...

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Ullo’s 5 Sultry Wine Picks for Valentine’s Day

The Üllo Team never passes up an opportunity to celebrate and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we put together our favorite wine picks for this egregiously commercialized holiday. It’s obvious that we love wine at Üllo, but we love it so much, that we recommend forgoing the chocolate and cheap candy altogether to make room for, well,...

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