Ullo’s Guide to Boozy Holiday Dessert Wine

There’s not much love given to dessert wines these days. Wine drinkers have generally moved toward drier wines over the last decade, leaving dessert wines in the dustbin, long forgotten and misunderstood. But here at Üllo, we believe some of the greatest, complex, and fascinating wines in the world are of the sweet variety. And what better time of the...

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Designations of Viticultural Wizardry

Welcome to the Üllo Blog! This is our inaugural post, and we couldn’t be more excited to give you the inside track on everything Üllo. We’ll be focused on documenting our journey to create the most exciting wine accessory ever, but we’ll also be posting about our travels, wine tips and knowledge, and general company shenanigans. And...

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By James Kornacki


Thanks to your support, we exceeded our funding goal by 57%.  With over $157,000 in pre-order funds contributed, Üllo is officially the best funded wine-related crowdfunding campaign ever! If you contributed your support on Kickstarter, then you'll be the absolute first to experience Pure Wine when we begin shipping early next year. Stay tuned to communications from...

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Üllo Wants To Purify Your Wine

Start-Up Launches Innovative Wine Purification Product That Removes Sulfites

Today, Chicago-based start-up, Üllo, launches a simple and revolutionary product that makes it possible to enjoy your wine the way the winemaker intended, without added chemicals. Üllo believes the wine you drink should be pure, without the sulfites that were added to protect against oxidation and bacterial spoilage. An estimated...

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